Life is a great gift! The Runaway Ranch and Beulah Valley create a place to reconnect, calm your nerves, gaze into the heavens and remember the time when the stars swallowed you up and the camp fire brought laughter and smores, and the lake brought peace. You will find a way to your serenity and peace here.

A Canoe rental to the lake

The lake offers coves with calm waters and picnic areas for the canoe( a is wonderful peaceful time!We will pack a picnic for you if you request it ahead of time.

If you love to ride trails you are very close to many options. We have a map of the trails at your camp site. Bring your own Bike!


Everyone loves a camp fire. Weather permitting we have all the ingredients for Smores! Making memories just like when you were a kid!

Star Gazing

It's like a wide open planetarium experience! Lay on your back with a drink, snug in a blanket or Faux fur and be ready to have a thrilling look into GOD's creation!